How to Order

Please follow the following steps to order for our products online

  1. Select the class of flies you want buy from and scroll to identify the fly pattern you want, or
  2. Go to the search box and write the name of the fly pattern you want and enter
  3. Once you have identified the fly pattern you want press preview
  4. Select the size and quantity you wish to buy
  5. Select add to cart and the cart appears with the quantity and size and cost filled
  6. Select the shipping calculator
  7. Select shipping option, currently the only available is Parcel post and select apply
  8. Select checkout and a completely filled cart appears
  9. To add more items select “continue shopping” and repeat the process
  10. You can also edit your cart if you so wish
  11. Select Check out or PayPal to proceed to payment
  12. Provide shipping details
  13. Apply a coupon if you have one if not skip and proceed to payment
  14. On check out you have 3 options to choose from
  • Use guest check out
  • Sign in and check out
  • Register and check out
  • Use the one that works best for you

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